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covers: cooperation on the script, actor's training

Michal studied musical acting at Erna Studio, leds the theatre Teenager since 2005 up until now,
and in 2018 created project Actor's Life, which shows to elementary and secondary school students what the actor's profession is about and what all it entails.

He cooperates with national as well as abroad movie and modeling productions.

Performed in dramas: Jack (Jack, the daemon), The Three Musketeers (Aramis, Richelieu), Vampire Ball (Chogall, earl von Krolock), Centipede or a while from inside (bad side of society), Ice King (Ice King), Dracula (Jonathán), Legend of Rafael van Helsing (Rafael), Miládka - the story of Prague toilet cleaner (Miládka)

Performed in musicals : Eliška Kateřina Smiřická (prince Zikmund Smiřický), Lemonade Joe (Horace alias Hogo Fogo), Infernal Contracts (Asmodeus).

Michal has participated in many screenplays either as author, screenplay, writing or translating texts.

He was also nominated for Ď award (for developing culture among young people), for student Thália award 2017 (for acting perfromances and theathre scripts writing), for student Thália award 2018 (for acting performance), for Jevištní Štefan award (for acting performance) and performed as a host at gala evening at The New Stage of The National Theatre.

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