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Michaela Chudobová graduated in playing the transverse flute, and besides that she has been playing amateur guitar and keyboard since her youth. In addition, she is writing and composing her own songs. As a singer, she achieved first place in the „Young Song“ contest at the age of 18.


Based on this success, she was offered an engagement at the „Teplický Krušnohorský“ theatre, whilst being recommended to the Conservatory for singing and vocal studies. However, Michaela did not want to follow this path, and she devoted herself to her own creative work.


Her journey in artistic pursuits led her to the BOX.TV production center, where she worked for 7 years under the direction of the writer and art director Mr. Vladimír Kavčiak. Michaela filmed publicity programs and reportages on health topics, as well as natural medicinal products, which were broadcast on TV Prima, UPC - "Minutes of the metropolis" and on other regional TV channels.


During these years, she has gained experience as a producer, recording, directing, moderation and marketing.

Another important part of her life was working with children. She worked in a private kindergarten for several years, and after gaining experience together with her children's pedagogical distance studies, she went on to found her own kindergarten and „Srdíčka“ association.


The speciality of her kindergarten was mainly focused on weaker children who could not enter the regular schooling due to psychological or physical health problems. At the „Srdíčka“ school, she created an individual plan for each child, focusing mainly on music and theatrical fields.


All the children were later successfully enrolled in regular pre-school classes, where they successfully settled in with the pace of activity of other children in regular state schools.


At the same time, Michaela managed to complete one of her long-term life-goals in her work in the music field. She completed a script based on her own lyrics and music, which she dedicated to the children in the Anastasis Children's Music Project.

This musical project is opportunity for all children who like music, dramatics and are not afraid to show not only their musical talent but also their motivation and desire.


The first step, however, is a musical preparation into which children are admitted based on their own interest in singing, drama, or dancing.

 Michaela works on this project with children who show their talents and feelings for nature, love for art ... the motivation and desire that is the main „engine“ of their work.

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